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About Authen™

If you can imagine generations of people flourishing with a shared, balanced knowledge around their lifestyle and food choices, then imagine Authen™ being the portal of such a space. For the first time data and the ingredient are fused into a smart contract through a blockchain that verifies the ingredient. Authen™ powers secure and efficient management of ingredient data— right down to the DNA level—to tackle environmental, social, and governance compliance (ESG) and bring transparency to the entire food supply chain.

Harnessing blockchain track and trace technology, Authen™ unveils the authenticity, carbon ingredient value, and climate impact of the food products that you source, buy, and eat. It allows you, the consumer—and every stakeholder within the supply chain—to see exactly where an ingredient came from, how it was grown, who grew it, its provenance, its carbon intensity value, and the touchpoints it went through before getting to you. Information that allows you to make informed purchasing decisions – while facilitating the new global reality where food authenticity and sustainability are commonplace for everyone.

Food security, global warming, and increased carbon emissions collectively affect us all. Authen™ highlights these challenges and empowers our ever-growing population to care more about the authenticity and sustainability of the foods they eat. While also giving them the data they need to make climate-friendly decisions at the store.

Industry changes when the consumer demands change. Authen™ facilitates the shift to a sustainable tomorrow by giving you a tool to be the change you want to see in the world through your purchasing decisions.


Why Authen?

How an ingredient is grown, manufactured, and distributed matters.


What is Does

Leveraging the power of integrating nutritional and carbon intensity data through a SaaS cloud-based blockchain platform, Authen™ measures carbon value ingredients and carbon credits. It captures data on an ingredient’s journey from soil to stomach and digitizes it into sustainability scorecards that the consumer can see on the products they buy.


How it Helps

Authen™ powers secure and efficient management of ingredient data—right down to the DNA level—to connect the consumer to the farm and every touchpoint on an ingredient's journey, tackle environmental, social, and governance compliance (ESG), and provide complete transparency around the nutritional and environmental sustainability of that ingredient throughout the supply chain.


Who it Helps

Authen™ helps every stakeholder in the global food supply chain, especially the consumer through the transparency, democratization, and monetization of data. With this patent-pending technology, every consumer can participate in the creation of a sustainable future with their purchasing decisions.

The Problems it Solves

By 2050, we must increase food production by 60 percent to comfortably ensure global food security for an estimated population increase of 9.6 billion people.

The entire food supply chain contributes to global warming and therefore every stakeholder must take responsibility and do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Collaboration is essential in  creating a sustainable future, and sharing aggregated quantifiable, verifiable, authenticated data from soil to stomach so the consumer can make the climate-friendly purchasing decision is critical to reducing our climate impact.

There is no single way to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). Authen™   empowers the global food supply chain to produce authenticated carbon value ingredients, and safe, nutritious food while reducing the cumulative aggregate carbon footprint.


How it Works

The future of shopping.

Authen™ will facilitate the sale of an authenticated carbon value food ingredient, a carbon ledger to show the debits and credits of carbon intensity values, and aggregated data from soil to stomach into intuitive scorecards that can be seen at a glance by the consumer.

By catering to the largest and fastest-growing demographic, the Flexitarian (who believes food should be nutritionally authentic and climatically balanced) Authen™ is designed to capture and win more customers for the CPGs (consumer packaged goods companies), Food Service Companies, and Retailers, worldwide that embrace that climate impact matters and the consumer has the power to drive the change with their pocketbook.

Consumers will be able to compare how ‘climate friendly’ one product is to another and the ‘shopping cart’ will irrevocably change to reflect the consumer purchasing power of sustainable savvy shoppers.


Who it Helps

for the people.

Shop Conscious

Authen™ supports consumers around the world who each have missions they are accountable for. Whether or not they are directly involved in the soil to stomach supply chain, they all require information that will make them feel empowered and confident that the decisions they make are the right ones.

Authen™ provides the hard data to prove that our global community can depend on our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and sustainability.

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More About FutureWELL

Our Story

We believe that you can’t have sustainability without authenticity. We are dedicated to our mission of closing the global carbon loop and are bringing authenticity and true sustainability to the global soil to stomach supply chain.

Our Role

We are committed to being a part of the solution. With our proprietary platform, Authen™ we are helping farmers produce authentic carbon and nutritional value ingredients to feed the world, disrupt the global food supply chain, and reduce our collective climate impact.

Our Leadership

We are a world-class team of industry and thought-leaders who navigate wellness, and address global challenges of sustainable development, allowing businesses to create long-term economic growth with increased efficiency and sustained social and environmental impact.