Creating a sustainable tomorrow through partnership and transformative technology.

Together, we can reduce the global carbon footprint.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of farmers, agriculturalists, scientists, geneticists, food engineers, distributors, entrepreneurs, and policy lobbyists, united by a shared mission to empower the consumer to discern and buy planet-friendly food.

What We Do

We are working to be a conduit for that change by forging the partnerships and technology needed to bring transparency, authenticity, and environmental sustainability to the global food supply chain, from soil to stomach.

Who We Help

With our blockchain platform, Authen, we are bringing authenticity and true sustainability to the global food supply chain. While empowering consumers to reduce carbon impact through their purchasing decisions.


You can’t have sustainability without authenticity.

Introducing Authen™

We all deserve to know where our food is coming from.

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More About FutureWELL

Our Story

We know that trust is earned and authenticity is how you earn it. We walk the walk and go above and beyond to capture the reliable and quantifiable data our stakeholders need to validate and inspire their decisions and share it openly.

Our Role

We are passionate advocates for transparency and environmental sustainability in the global food supply chain. We are working to make it easy for people around the world to source and consume foods made with ingredients they can trust.

Our Leadership

We uniquely see the food supply chain through the lens of the farmer and consumer. We believe the power to make changes should be in the hands of the consumer. Their purchasing power can (and will) make an environmental, social, and corporate governance difference.